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Areas We Are Experienced in
Vector Signaling, IoT, Multiple Access Communication System, Secure Access, Encoder, Intra-Vehicular Communication, Initial Network Access Procedure, Transmit Range Control, Identification of Faulty Calls, Resistive Network, Multihop Wireless Sensor Network, Distributed Ledger Network, High Speed Communications System, Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) Network, IR Remote Control, Polar Receiver, Real-Time Video Display, Computer Network Security, Surveillance Device, Handling of Emergency Warning Alerts, Traffic Offloading, Per Hop Behavior Modification, Video Conferencing System, JPEG Encoding And Decoding, URL selection, Data Transfer, Data-Path Switching, Data Center, Communication Mode Identification, Communication Sequence Analysis, Payload in Picture, Wireless Transmitter Localization, Radio Coverage Determination, Wireless Avionics Intra-Communication System (WAICS), Radio Carriers Management, Coordinatioin Multi Point Set Determination, Chip-To-Chip Communication, Channel Estimation, Channel Noise Reduction, Signal Penetration Determination, Signal Demodulation, Information Transmission, Information Reproduction, Service Function Chain, Mobile Terminal, Heterogeneous Cloud, Cloud Synchronization, Online Charging, Smart Reminding, Admission Control, Adaptive Clock/Time Synchronization
Semiconductor Devices
SiGe HBT, MEMS, MOSFET, PNP, NPN, SOI, LDMOS, Super-Junction, Surface-Channel Devices, Zener Diode, LED, Photodiode, TMBS, Emitter-Base Junction, Varactor, MIM Capacitor, PIS Capacitor, FPGA Chip, LED Chip, Flip-Chip, Stacked Chip, LOCOS, STI, Salicide, Gate Formation, Buried Layer, CVD, CMP, Patterning, Plasma Cleaning, Etching, Epitaxy, Dummy Wafer, Substrate Recycling, Substrate Manufacturing, Bond Pad, Wafer Bonding, Contamination Detection
Medical Devices
Heart Valve Prosthesis, Stent Graft, Self-Expandable Stent, Drug-Eluting Stent, Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Scaffold, Biodegradable Polymeric Stent, Implant Delivery System, Alloy Material, Virtual Stenting, Fractional Flow Reserve (FRR), Sustained Release System, Intracranial Pressure (ICP) Monitoring, Thrombus Removal Device, Tactile Probe, Active Cardiac Electrical Lead, Cardiac Pacemaker, Vein Projector, Disposable Test Kit, Tear Glucose Detection, Magnetic Resonance Imaging System, Delivery Assistance, Cancer Identification, Ear Drum Thermometer, Electronic Thermometer, Collagenous Tissue Material, Reservoir Module, Administering Apparatus, Dose Setting Device, Infusion Pump, edication Delivery Device, Injection Device
Chemistry & Metallurgy
Cosmetic Composition, Pigment Composition, Hot-Melt Adhesive, Rare Earth Recovery, Methane Production, Hydrogen Generator, Biodegradable Prepolymer, Catalyst For Polyester Synthesis, Alumina Ceramics, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, Reverse Osmosis System, Microcellular Injection Molding, Polymer Pellets, Abrasive Material, Hydrogel, Sealant, Adhesive Solification, Hot Press Molding, Iron-Nickel Alloy, Steel Strip, Silicon Rubber Sheet, Quartz Crucible, Fluorite Processing, Degassing Method
Electronic Circuitry
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection Circuit, Digital Phase Locked Loop, Cascode Circuit, Pipeline Analog-To-Digital Converter, Input Hysteresis Comparator, Digital Correction Circuit, Up-Conversion Mixer, Level Shift Circuit, Multilevel Driver Circuit, Semiconductor Integrated Circuit, Intrinsically Safe Circuit, Component Module, Electric Outlet Protection Circuit, Battery Usage Optimization, Circuit Test, Inverter Circuit, Solar Power Generator, Hardware Monitoring
Electric Elements
Component assembly System, Contact Carrier, Conductor Connector, Looping bridge, Electromagnetic Relay, Electrical Connector, Electric Assembly, Power Module, Functional Component, Power Supply Unit, Solid Electrolytic Capacitor, Terminal Block, Connection Module, Connecting Adapter, Modular Fieldbus System, Thin Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator, Acoustic Attenuation, Profiled Mounting Rail, Mantle Terminal
Bumper Beam, Vehicle Control, Vehicle Seat, Seat Component, Wheel Link, Pneumatic Tire, Battery Retainer, Composite Laminate, Shock Absorber, Damper, Structural Part, Fastening Shackle, Air Filter Screen, Control Arm, Leaf Spring, Hose Line, Latch Actuator, Bearing Arrangement
Nuclear Physics
Nuclear Power Station Component, Radiation Source Assembly, Radiation Detection, Nuclear Reactor Shroud
Optics & Lighting & Display
3D Video Photography, Panoramic Stereo Video, Head-Mounted Display, Stereo Imaging Device, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Vision System, Scanning Optical Microscopy, Pyroelectric Sensor, Optical Element, Spatial Light Modulator, Multilayer Film Reflector, Anti-reflection Film, Light-Emitting Device, Beam Homogenizer, Display Device, Display Adaptation, Fluorescent Lighting System, Illumination Optical System, Catadioptric Optical System, LED Light Fixture, Organic Electro-luminescent Display Device, Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Display (AMOLED), Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS) Panel, Thin Film Transistor, Reconstruction of Optical Properties, Micro Lens, Projection Objective, Laser Annealing, Laser Cooling Device, LED Lens, Image Sensor, Back-Illuminated Sensor, Pixel Structure, GIP Circuit, Optical Fiber Clamp
Mechanical Engineering
Additive Manufacturing, Spherical Plain Bearing, Aerodynamic Bearing, Expanding Arbor, Collet, Clamping System, Turbine Generator, Particulate Removal, Bobbin Winder, Weaving Loom, Grinding Wheel, Prefabricated Assemblies, Forming System, Application System, Pneumatic Spraying, Saw Wire, Water-Cooled Electrical Motor, Phase-Change Heat Exchanger, High Frequency Induction Heating, Heat Dissipation Module, Heat Exchanger, Refrigeration Circuit, Textile Dryer, Fluidic Connector, Flow Control, Boot Seal, Bearing Outer Ring, Power Tool, Cutting-off Saw, Aircraft Wing, Beet Pick Up Device, Glass Molding, Sucker Rod, Jaw Pipe Positioner, Fastener, Piping Element, Sliding Member, Thrust Plate
Exposure Apparatus, Interferometer, Planar Magnetic Motor, Linear Motor, Flat Voice Coil Motor, Halbach Magnet Array, Aerostatic Bearing, Photomask, Alignment Mark, Dual Wafer Stage System, Gantry Apparatus, Self-Damped Shutter, Optical Proximity Correction, Focusing & Leveling, Overlay Error Detection, Prealignment, Off-Axis Alignment, Distortion Measurement, Center Of Mass Calibration, Gravity Compensation, Balance Mass System, Reticle Shape Correction, Reticle Transfer, Wafer Inspection, Warped Wafer Retention, Wafer Edge Protection
Measuring & Checking
Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), Multi-focus Inspection, Thin Film Measurement, Transformer Measurement, Current Sensor, Ultrasonic Testing, Circuit Breaker Testing, Flow Rate Measurement, Parallel Test, Test Apparatus, Person Identification, Proximity Coupling Device, Image-Capturing System, Demagnetization Device, Physical Unclonable Function, Object Position measurement, Chip Card Reader, Mobile Document Production, Document Buffer, Document Scanning Device, Document verification, Document Reader
Data Processing
SD/SDIO Host Controller, Secure Financial Transaction Method, Security Key Inputting System, Measurement Data Processing, Test Suite Optimization, Test File Compression, Personalized Storytelling, Chinese Character Input, Swipe Input, Software Package Updating, Device Validation Protocol, Classification and Resolution of Incident Tickets, Video Quality Optimization, Algorithmic Control, Image Vectorization, Image Data Optimization, Temperature Data Processing, Text Input, Message Providing/Assessment, Career Analytics Platform, Intermediate module, Active Stylus, Automated Rewarding
Human Necessities
Storage Rack, Printer, Protective Equipment, Delivery of Volatile Substances, Reinforcing Fiber Fabric, Pressurized Drink Extraction, Hot Water Bottle, Artificial Fishing Lure, Water Temperature Management, Novel Dolls, Beverage Container, Sports Object Launching Device, Sports Garment, Sports Apparatus, Wireless Speaker, Piezoelectric Speaker, Mixing System, Stretch Film, Plant Arrangement
Information Storage
Embedded Flash Memory, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM), Memory Device, Memory Array, Programming Verification Control, Differential Vector Storage, Memory Management, Built-in Self-Test Circuit, Memory Test Circuit, Charge Pump Circuit, Read Operation Time Control, Data Storage Device, Boost Capacitor Circuit, Word-Line Voltage Control
Biology & Pharmaceutics
GPR119 Agonist, Biosensor, miRNA, PLP-dependent Enzyme, Nasal Drops, Lung Cancer Detectinon, High-Affinity Antibodies, Kinase Inhibitor, Urine Testing Reagent, Macromolecular Detection, Eczema Treatment, Decellularization Method, Microfluidics Sorter, Host Cell Simulation, Pharmaceutical Nanoformulation
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